Karin Gunnarsson


'Figure A' (2016), is a short animated artist film predominantly in black and white, based on footage captured during an artist residency in Cappadocia, Turkey. The artist director Karin Gunnarsson poetically experiments with modularity, symmetry and rythm through an imaginative network of references to mineralogy, alchemy, Pythagoras and the fugues of JS Bach and the Turkish maqam. Motion Graphics by Akane Hiraoka


An interplanetary explorer crashlands on a barren planet where it confidently familiarises itself with the surroundings. Through special categorizing and analytical powers, the visitor learns to appropriate the environment and the cultural remnants and allows them to transform and transport it towards new horizons.


Swedenborg Film Festival

London, UK 26 November 2016 (B-star winner)

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival

Lund, Sweden 21 October 2016

Cinesonika 5

Muncie, USA 30 September 2016



'Platos Plates' (2013). Paper is brittle, malleable and full of potential; a suitable metaphor for qualities of the human mind. Like the archetypal creature, ouroboros, eating its own tail, the character in Plato`s Plates is ingesting the very material from which it is made and a story of transformation ensues. Starring Liza Callinicos. Director of Photography Jake Scott. Music Composition Noriko Uno


SCREENINGS: Artspot Koganei, Tokyo Japan 2015, Cinesonika 3, Derry NI, 2013, The Lab Film festival, London 2013

Plato`s Plates, the book, at Tokyo Art Bookfair 2015




'Apparition' at Summerhall, Edinburgh 2014